Pumpkin Pies for Bluer Skies 2017

For a second year in a row, 7th grader Graydon from Dallas, Texas, made and sold enough Thanksgiving pumpkin pies to donate $1,500 to help children at Victory School. We are so appreciative of her serving heart.

A letter from Graydon:
Mrs. Little,

I am excited to be sending the money from my fundraiser Pumpkin Pies 4 Bluer Skies to the children of The Victory School. When I heard of the Victory School I thought, “Wow, I’m really lucky.” When I complain about having to get out of bed in the morning I don’t think of kids that would love to be in my shoes. To have clean running water, breakfast before school and school supplies are things that I take for granted. Then I realized that instead of just thinking about how lucky I am, I could help the people of The Victory School be just as lucky.