Maj For A Mission 2019

The 5th Annual MFAM 2019 was yet another example of the power of community. Over 200 women from many different cities gathered at the Austin Public Library to join in the fun. For two hours the special events room was filled with the joyful murmurings of a game played with friends new and old.

The mood shifted swiftly to one of humility and generosity when Ruthie Burrus took the stage to share her life changing experience with a young child in Bwindi whose mother had died of Aides. You could have heard a pin drop as guests were processing the enormity of this child’s plight and the difference that one person can make.

This year’s event was a big success. Co-Chairs Susan Kay and Ann Burke brought the heart and fun to MFAM 2019. Heartfelt gratitude to these ladies and to all of those who came to play a game with a mission.

Mission accomplished!