The Kamukama Foundation sponsors more than 650 students in rural Uganda through partnerships with 14 local schools. The Foundation empowers these schools by underwriting student tuitions through sponsorships and providing supplemental programming and enrichment.

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Empowering school partners

We partner with 14 nursery, primary, secondary and vocational schools across Uganda. Our commitment is to connect sponsored students with the right school to meet his or her individual needs and to invest in the local school communities our students attend.

Ebenezer Nursery & Primary School is the Foundation’s cornerstone school partner, with 300 sponsored students attending Ebenezer. We partnered with Abercrombie & Kent to build a new campus for Ebenezer, which we dedicated in 2022.

Sponsoring students

The Kamukama Foundation fulfills its mission through a sponsorship program, which underwrites school tuition through a 1:1 student to sponsor relationship. For $35 per month, sponsors give students growing up in extreme poverty the opportunity to attend school. Sponsorships cover school tuition, health insurance, and two meals per day.


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Supporting health and enrichment

We also rely on donations to run programs that supplement sponsorships and are focused on health, wellness, and educational enrichment. We’ve come to recognize how factors like a student’s home environment and physical health impact their ability to succeed in school.

Donations support community health programs like female hygiene initiatives, at-home health checks, and our “Project Harvest” agriculture initiative. Donations also support educational enrichment efforts such as teacher trainings and classroom technology investments.

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Project Harvest

Project Harvest is a program to teach sponsored families about agriculture and give them the resources needed to grow high quality, nutritious food. The Project Harvest team has set up demonstration farms throughout Bwindi and given each family a plot in the community garden and access to high quality seeds and tools. We’ve also opened the Project Harvest farm stand in the local market where families can sell what they grow to the community.

Dream Big

Dream Big is an initiative to inspire students to stay in school and set big goals. Through this program, we have implemented new critical thinking activities in the Ebenezer curriculum and set up feminine hygiene programs to address the unique barriers young women face to staying in school.