The Kamukama Foundation sponsors more than 550 students in rural Uganda through partnerships with 11 nursery, primary, secondary and vocational schools. The Foundation empowers local school communities by providing much needed resources and sponsorships.


Kamukama Foundation sponsors provide an education to children growing up in extreme poverty who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school. Sponsorships provide school tuition, healthcare, and two meals per day. $25.00 per month gives a child the chance to break the cycle of poverty and spark hope for the future.

Connecting Communities


Donations are critical to supporting supplemental school programming and providing resources that enrich each child’s experience. Past projects made possible by donations include: teacher trainings, classroom textbooks and technology, school kitchen and sanitation infrastructure, school gardens, and a girl’s dormitory. In addition, donations have allowed us to hire social workers onsite to support children and their families.

School Partners

The Foundation’s cornerstone partner is Ebenezer Nursery & Primary School. Because of the generosity of Kamukama Foundation supporters, students who graduate from Ebenezer now have the resources to continue their education. Today,the Foundation supports graduates across 9 different secondary and vocational schools. Our commitment is to continue to invest in the individual journey of each student and awaken dreams, whatever those dreams may be.

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Ebenezer School

Ebenezer Primary School was established in 2016 when leaders in the community without a school came together to build one for their children. Ebenezer is owned by the Kyumbugushu Community Trust and is a cornerstone partner for the Kamukama Foundation. In this capacity, we support 300 sponsored students at the school and provide supplemental support to its teachers and staff.

In 2019 we partnered with Abercrombie & Kent to construct a new campus to accommodate our sponsored students, teachers and staff. We are excited to announce that construction for this beautiful new campus is almost complete! As soon as schools reopen in Uganda, we will dedicate the school and open its doors.

Project Harvest

While we work to meet the immediate needs of our families through our food distribution program, we are also investing in a long term solution to address food scarcity: Project Harvest. This will be a more sustainable system that empowers sponsored families to help themselves and their children.

We’ve hired Joshua Manzi, Head of Project Harvest, to drive this initiative. Joshua and his team have set up three demonstration farms throughout Bwindi and given each family supplies for a plot in the community garden or in their own garden. Joshua is working to teach gardening best practices and has procured high quality seeds for crops well suited to the local environment including spinach, sweet potatoes and kale.

Project Harvest