My first trip to the US

Thoughts by Ian Sendagala, Managing Director Uganda

My first time to leave Africa for the United States offered me a grand opportunity to perceive life through a lens of abundance. My inherent passion for giving, sharing, and loving paid off handsomely with a lifetime trip to Texas, US. This visit wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t representing the impoverished families (students and parents) of Bwindi Buhoma. I was living the dream of every single African child.

My various encounters were spectacular, key note speeches to/from wonderful people who cared and loved as hard as I do. They were extremely passionate about helping, and making a difference in society. I reminisce engaging with distinguished guests, who possess a similar calling as mine-making the world better than we found it. I firmly believe we belong together! Without them, Kamukama Foundation would never be.

I was treated like royalty in a foreign country; a stranger even paid my bus fare to Barton Creek Mall. I learned as much as I adventured, the beautiful culture, people, food and education. The visits to the elementary schools were incredible eye openers, the highly innovative and inventive learning was enlightening to me. To cap this all was the breaking news; that I had an official appointment with George W Bush-it was exhilarating to hold a conversation with a past President of the United States. Only GOD can organize that nature of meetings.

Today, I feel re-energized, and completely re-vitalized in my ministry, because, I experienced the immense support behind us, to ignite and make our dream come true. That dream is to see just ONE extra child receive some quality education. A single spark can start a big fire!