Updates from Uganda – March 2023 Newsletter

Kamukama Foundation Family

We have just returned from another wonderful trip to our beloved Bwindi.

Our 12 travelers journeyed with full hearts and plenty of supplies. We carried 840 pounds of sponsor letters, educational materials, critical thinking games, Project Harvest t-shirts and much, much more.

We also kicked off a new Foundation program: Dream Big, to inspire students to stay in school and set big goals. The words sung by the Ebenezer School Choir capture the essence of this important initiative:

“If you choose to see yourself through God’s eyes, you will see that you can make it. With God’s help, you’ll succeed. Just believe in yourself – big dreamers don’t fail.”

We can’t wait to see God at work through this program. First up will be addressing the unique barriers young women face to staying in school through new feminine hygiene programs.

In addition to launching Dream Big and shopping in the new Project Harvest farm stand, we also took part in what is always familiar and special about these trips. We delivered sponsor letters, laughed and played games with students, danced with the choir, registered new students, met parents, connected with teachers, and more.

Despite 840 pounds of luggage, once again we returned from Bwindi with more than we brought over: including stories, memories, and even more gratitude for what’s possible because of your support. God is hard at work. Thank you for joining us on this blessed journey.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, please enjoy the Vision Trip 2023 scrapbook below.

With full hearts,
Carol and Jeanne