Updates from Uganda – May 2024 Newsletter

We’ve just wrapped up two back to back Vision trips to Uganda and once again – our hearts are full and our eyes wide open.

Here are a few highlights of what we saw and learned:

  • Our students and their families are healthier than ever. All our 650 sponsored students are covered under eQuality Health Insurance Program. We have improved the nutritional value of school breakfast and lunch programs to include leafy vegetables, silverfish, eggs, beans and milk.
  • According to the Ugandan Ministry of Education “1 out of 4 Ugandan girls between the ages of 12 and 18 drop out of school when they begin menstruation”. To address this staggering statistic the Foundation provides Menstrual Hygiene Kits to all our girls as needed. Our school dropout rate has been significantly reduced.
  • Project Harvest has grown by 34% since launching in 2020. We are now working with 490 families and over 2,450 people are directly benefiting. Project Harvest has accelerated efforts geared at increasing farmers’ income, nutrition and food security . This program enables 75% of our farmers to afford three nutritious meals everyday. Our major challenge will be land acquisitions so that we can continue to expand the program.
  • We are elevating educational outcomes. This year we outfitted four classrooms with critical thinking tools, books and supplies.
  • We have purchased land next to Ebenezer School and will soon start construction on student and staff housing. Dormitories can help students that face barriers at home that challenge their ability to stay in school. Boarders will have access to wifi, dinner, electricity and educational tutors.
  • We have the right team on the ground to help us execute on our Vision. They are an amazing group of dedicated leaders and are committed to serving their own community.

We celebrate our students who continue to grow and thrive. Because of the support of our faithful donors and sponsors, we have nursing, dental, seminary vocational, university, secondary and primary students who all have the opportunity to follow their dreams. This year we registered 25 new students, bringing our total program count to 650 students and their families. Our mission has never been more important.

We continue to be grateful for supporters like you who have joined us on this journey.

With full hearts,
Ann, Carol and Jeanne