Vision Trip 2022

First, I am so thankful to have been able to travel to see our dear friends in Bwindi. While they have been through a difficult time over the last 2 years, their faces and smiles still reflect real joy for what they have and that they are still alive.

Second, their gratitude for us returning was moving and humbling. Our relationships are rich and meaningful. I miss my time with the KKF team, GFC staff and our sponsored children already and cannot wait to return to see the vivid green landscape and smell the rich soil.

Finally, I am so impressed with Ian and the group of professionals that he has attracted to the KKF team to fulfill our efforts to the children, the schools and our beloved Bwindi community. After spending meaningful time with the team, I have great confidence in the stewardship of the resources we have entrusted to them.

~ Lew Little