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Updates from Uganda – August 2022 Newsletter

With back-to-school in full swing at home, we’re excited to update you on the 600 sponsored students across the Kamukama Foundation’s 13 partner schools – who are all receiving a quality education because of your support.

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Updates from Uganda – Vision Trip 2022 Newsletter

We have just returned from an amazing trip to Uganda. With great joy, we were finally able to reconnect with our team, students, and families in Bwindi. Despite the many challenges of Covid, we were excited to see all of the progress that has been made in the past two years.

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Maj for a Mission Bay Area 2022

The first ever Maj For a Mission – Bay Area was held March 9th. Sharon Purcell and Ann Carter chaired this amazing afternoon of fun,fellowship and fundraising. 100+ women attended, all 50 new students were sponsored and lots of funds were raised to enhance our outreach in Bwindi. A huge thank you to everyone for the huge success.

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Vision Trip 2022

First, I am so thankful to have been able to travel to see our dear friends in Bwindi. While they have been through a difficult time over the last 2 years, their faces and smiles still reflect real joy for what they have and that they are still alive.

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Maj For A Mission Austin 2021

Darby Denison and Jennifer Pickens chaired the (8th? ) annual Maj for a Mission Nov 3rd in Austin. More than 200 women attended to have fun and learn more about the work of the Kamukama Foundation. We are so grateful to so many who worked hard to make the afternoon a huge success!

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Spotlight: Aman and Jim

Aman and Jim have shared their time, talents, and treasures with the Kamukama Foundation. They have been key partners in the planning and opening of the new Ebenezer School campus as well as in our agriculture initiatives to address food scarcity during COVID-19.

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Updates From Uganda: April 2021 Newsletter

Last month, we officially opened the new Ebenezer Primary School campus! Ebenezer is the Kamukama Foundation’s cornerstone school partner and is the school home to 248 of our sponsored students.

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Supporting Our Sponsored Families

As the pandemic continues to affect our beloved village of Bwindi, we remain committed to seeing our 450 sponsored families through this crisis.

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Vision Trip 2020

When my dear friend, Ann Carter, asked me to go to Uganda with the KamuKama Foundation over a year ago, I felt this nudge inside and immediately said “yes!”. I knew it would be an amazing opportunity to see another part of the world, but I had no idea it would change my heart forever and give me a new perspective on love, faith and the gift of education.

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Maj For A Mission 2019

The 5th Annual MFAM 2019 was yet another example of the power of community. Over 200 women from many different cities gathered at the Austin Public Library to join in the fun. For two hours the special events room was filled with the joyful murmurings of a game played with friends new and old.

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Vision Trip 2019

Thoughts by Scott Ferguson

When planning trips we often think we can anticipate with a lot of certainty what the outcome of the trip will be. My recent trip to Uganda did not come close to meeting my expectations. It literally blew them away! This happened notwithstanding the fact that I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life…

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Thoughts from Our Sponsors, by Milo Burdette

During our first visit to Uganda in the summer of 2012, we had just returned to our lodge following what can only be described as a long, difficult but thrilling hike to see the mountain gorillas. My wife Carol and I were tired and wanted only a hot shower, a little dinner and our beds!

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Lemonade Miracles

It was a modern day fishes and loaves. Our group from the recent vision trip met to discuss how we were going to raise money and get the remaining kids sponsored. After about an hour of brainstorming, Birnie suggested a lemonade stand. What if we go grassroots? We loved the idea and made plans to have it that weekend.

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Thoughts from Our Sponsors, by Andrea Edwards

A few years ago my friend Sally told me about a foundation her sister Jeanne had started following a visit to Uganda. That was my introduction to the Kamukama Foundation. And they, in turn, introduced me to Donamu Nyinansekuye, a student at Victory School in Buhoma, a small village near the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southeastern Uganda. Donamu is the smart, beautiful girl I’m privileged to sponsor.

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Opening of the New Victory School Girl’s Dormitory

We are excited to announce the opening of the new Victory School girl’s dormitory, made possible by the generous support of the GWR Foundation. The space will be a place for our female primary students to learn and grow during their time at Victory School.

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Vision Trip June 2018

The truck ride from Kihili airport was almost silent. The windows were rolled down and everyone’s eyes were focused outward. The anticipation, the excitement, the curiosity, the wonder and the awe were all tangible. We drove through the gates of the Victory School for the first time, and the children and teachers were lined up ready to greet us with traditional songs and dance.

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Vision Trip February 2018

Thoughts by Ruthie Burrus

An initial warm handshake was accompanied by the words “You are welcome.” Many more handshakes, spontaneous hugs, and smile after smile emerged in the crowd of children who surrounded our vehicle. Two days after leaving Texas, we had arrived at Victory School. And welcomed we were.

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Kamukama Foundation Students Visit Youth Camp in Kampala

54 secondary students sponsored by the Kamukama Foundation travelled 11 hours to attend a 5 day Youth Camp in Kampala. For almost all of our students, it was their first time leaving their villages.

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My first trip to the US

Thoughts by Ian Sendagala, Managing Director Uganda

My first time to leave Africa for the United States offered me a grand opportunity to perceive life through a lens of abundance. My inherent passion for giving, sharing, and loving paid off handsomely with a lifetime trip to Texas, US. This visit wouldn’t have been possible if I wasn’t representing the impoverished families (students and parents) of Bwindi Buhoma. I was living the dream of every single African child.

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3rd Annual Maj for a Mission

A big thank you to co-chairs, Mary Marinelli and Amy Ehrlich, for a very successful 3rd annual Maj For a Mission! Over 200 women gathered to play maj jongg to support Kamukama Foundation’s mission to provide life-changing opportunities to the most vulnerable children in Uganda.

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